Projectpartner: Daniel Spari
SHARED is a resource-efficient form of organisation in environments where people have similar lifestyles and a social interest in their fellow human beings.
With the help of digital aids, as many people as possible should become interested in such a new form of organization.
The primary aim of "Shared" is to place unused or overcooked food in the refrigerators of tea kitchens and clearly declare it: 
"This product will be shared with all! 
In addition, in the "Shared" application you can see which food and products are available for free. 
For example, a student in a supermarket can use the mobile phone application to check whether there is still enough soy milk available for coffee during lunch break or whether he or she is buying one. 
In order to make it possible both to register food in the system and to remove food directly from the fridge, a multifunctional tool was developed with which stickers can be printed that mark a product as "freely available".​​​​​​​
PHOTO CREDITS: Max Irendorfer
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